Alpha Online
Wednesdays at 7:30pm on zoom

What is my purpose?
What happens when I die? Why is there suffering?

Join us to exlpore these questions and more on Alpha. 

The course runs for 11 weeks with each session including a short video and a discussion where you can share what you think with a small group of people just like you.

We run Alpha online using Zoom which means you can join from where you are in the country.

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Technology Help
If you are having difficulty accessing our services online on Sunday there are a number of possible solutions.
  1. Try opening a different browser. Rev. Seth recommends Microsoft Edge. We have found that Microsoft Edge works the best of all the browsers for Church Online. If you are using a phone we have found that Google Chrome works better than Safari, but Microsoft Edge is still the best. Make sure you have downloaded one of these, before the start of our services. If you are using a phone or tablet, simply search for Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome in your app store.
  2. Update your software. This is important to do for all devices to access all apps. Often your device will not manually update and the apps on your device will stop working. Instructions for how to do this vary depending on device. You can google "how to update (your device)" and there will be detailed instructions. If you are having issues especially with zoom, this could be the solution.
  3. Try a different platform. In addition to the Church Online platform that we use, we stream our services live on YouTube. You do not need to make an account to view our services on this platform.
  4. Log in to your account. On the top left-hand side of the Church Online platform you should see three lines one on top of each other. If you click this button you can "Log In" or "Sign Up". Press on one of those options and follow the directions. If you have forgotten your email or password contact Brit Enriquez at [email protected] or 403-762-2128 and she can give you your log in info.
Morning Prayer
Monday - Thursday at 8am on zoom

Start your day with prayer with Rev. Howard. Throughout history, situations and circumstances have changed when ordinary men and women have found their voice in prayer.

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Time well spent
Stay connected

Gain invaluable insights and practical tools to help strengthen you and your relationships with our online courses. Including The Marriage Course, and more.

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Music heals the soul
Spotify playlist just for you

Spend time with God while listening to worship. We've curated music playlists for your alone time with God. Click the button to access our Spotify playlist.

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