The Book of Common Prayer

A permanent feature of Anglican worship and a key source for our doctrine, the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) is loved for the beauty of its language and its services are widely used. This priceless gift of the Anglican church is now an app. We highly recommend its use for personal spiritual formation and development of a personal life of prayer. 

Book of Common Prayer app Book of Common Prayer PDF

Prayer Resources

 We are gratful for these excellent apps to help you spend time with God and the Bible, God's words to us. To learn more about them, watch the videos below, or visit their websites. 


Soultime website  Dwell website  YouVersion website  BibleProject website


Deeper than mindfulness, Soultime offers a style of meditation that touches your heart and soul, not just your mind. Soultime brings the tradition of Christian meditation up to date in a beautiful, modern, emotionally aware app.


We experience the Scriptures in a different way when we hear them versus when we read them. Try using your ears to renew your mind with Dwell. Walk through Scripture with themed playlists on subjects such as “hope” and “forgiveness.”

YouVersion Bible App

A daily rhythm of seeking intimacy with God has the power to transform lives. That’s why YouVersion creates biblically centered, culturally relevant experiences that encourage and challenge people to seek God throughout each day.

BibleProject App

When we read the Bible the way it was designed, we discover a unified story. We’re building a reading journey that equips you with the skills to see the larger story of the Bible, every time you read.

Prayer Request

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“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God”

Philippians 4:6