Our baptisms in 2024 will be on May 26, and November 3

We’re so pleased you are seeking Baptism for yourself or your child!

At St Michael's we understand Baptism to be a significant Christian commitment. Baptism is your promise, supported by your family, friends and the entire congregation, based on your faith and membership in the church, to raise your child to be a faithful follower of Jesus Christ or to be a faithful follower yourself. It is introducing your child to God’s love and care from the very beginning of his or her life. Choosing to have your child baptized comes from the wonderful parental instinct to want the best for your child. We’re committed to helping you prepare for Baptism so that it’s a meaningful experience and the beginning of a life-long relationship with Jesus Christ.

Steps Towards Baptism

Like any journey of great significance, the road to Baptism takes time

A great first step is to book an appointment to meet with Seth Enriquez, Associate Priest, at to have a conversation about Baptism. He's looking forward to speaking with you.

Joining our wider community for weekly worship will give you a clearer sense of whether you’d like to be a part of our church family, as well as strengthen and encourage your own faith, and help equip you to teach your child about following Jesus. Our experience is that worshipping with us regularly for 3 months helps form a solid basis for the promises you will make at Baptism. Visit our YouTube channel to view past service at St Michael's.

We want you to be confident about the promises you make, so we require all parent's of a child being baptized, or an adult seeing baptism to join us for Alpha as our baptism preparation. Alpha deals with the basics of the Christian faith in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and is offered every year at St Michael's. And don’t worry, you can’t fail the course!


Confirmation is a sacrament, taking on the Baptismal Covenant as your own promise to God, and being welcomed as an adult member of the faith community. It’s an exciting step in our faith journey as Christians. Confirmation is a process of asking questions, delving deeper into scripture and worship, and growing into a stronger relationship with God and our church. It’s a time to consider what’s come before, and what possibilities are ahead.

Steps Towards Confirmation

Our confirmation process is aimed at students primarily in grades 8 and 9, though we welcome a wide range of ages. Students hopefully develop a strong sense of friendship with their classmates, and a deep sense of community with the parish and the wider church community.

Classes are friendly and interactive, involving food and engaging discussions. If you’re interested, please contact Bryan Beveridge, Incumbent Priest at

For information on adult confirmation, please contact Bryan Beveridge, Incumbent Priest at


We’re delighted that you’re interested in making St Michael's a part of your wedding celebration! We aim to do everything possible to make sure your wedding is a wonderful and memorable occasion. As you begin your new life together, we also want to help you build the strongest possible marriage that’s given vision and strength through Jesus Christ.

To learn more about Weddings at St Michael, visit our wedding page linked below.

Weddings at St Michael

We can provide funeral assistance and comfort to you during the difficult period following the death of a loved one. You may choose between a traditional Anglican Book of Common Prayer funeral service from the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) or from the Book of Alternative Services (BAS). All follow the basic Anglican Funeral liturgy, but you will be able to personalize it with readings, music and a time of thanksgiving.

Contact our office and a staff member will assist you with the funeral process.

Pre-planning a funeral years in advance or during the final weeks of life can help you communicate clearly with your family and loved ones about your funeral preferences.

Our annual All Souls Service in the Fall is a reflective service focusing on the hope which we have as a result of Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead.

Contact our office at

Book of Common Prayer pg. 591 Book of Alternative Services pg. 576