Our Story

The idea for St. Michael's Anglican Church began one October evening in 1893 as a small group of people gathered in the one room log schoolhouse in Canmore. Rev William Henry Barnes, the Anglican priest from St. George-in-the-Pines in Banff spearheaded the project. The group had enthusiasm and confidence but not much cash, so it was an amazing achievement that St. Michael's was built debt free and consecrated in June 1897. 

The church came in to existance to benefit the growing community of Canmore, to give the people of the town a place to mark important life events like baptism and confirmation, joyous celebrations like marriage and times of support at funerals. Faith, hope and community were the cornerstones of St. Michael's in its inception, a sentiment that continues to this very day.

From the beginning, the heart of St. Michael's has been about community, formation and mission in Christ. Though it's been a while since those early days, we trust that, as people connect—first to Christ, then to one another—they will experience the freedom to become fully who God created them to be.

What we believe

At St. Michael's we embrace a faith that is historic. We understand basic Christian theology to be sufficiently summarized by the ecumenical councils of the early Church. These councils produced Creeds, including the Apostles and the Nicene, that the Church has embraced as the standard for orthodoxy for over 1500 years. Beyond that, St. Michael's is an Anglican Church. Anglicanism has its roots in the English Reformation, which was a movement that returned the church to a foundation of the Scriptures and the good news that sinners could be justified by grace through faith in Christ. Anglican theology is clearly laid out in the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion. Anglicans are the third largest group of Christians on the planet and our distinct culture can be understood in the Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral.

Our Diocese Anglicanism

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