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As the time approached for him to be taken up to heaven, Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem. Luke 9:51

We easily think of the highlights of Jesus’ earthly ministry: healed bodies, miraculous meals, transformed lives, and countless other amazing moments.But sometimes we forget that Jesus also faces opposition. Not everyone was happy with the truth he spoke and the message he delivered.

What kept him going? In part, it was his dedication to following God’s plan and revealing God’s kingdom to this world. He knew that God’s plan was best. He knew that God was with him each step of the way. He knew that his life mission was to bring people forgiveness and salvation and restored relationship with God.

Your life has a purpose, too. God has a plan for you and will never leave you alone as you lead a Jesus-centered life. The sacrifices you’ll make, the service you’ll display, the choices that will stun some of the people around you - it’s all part of your process of maturing as you continue in your faith journey.

So when you face challenges or tough times, allow your God-based resolution and determination and commitment to carry you through - and know that you’re in good company. Jesus has walked this path before you!

Take time today to talk with God. Pray for God’s strength when you face obstacles or opposition. Pray for resolve, determination, and commitment to follow God’s path, even when people around you ridicule you or head in a completely different direction.