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Our sister Church in Banff has a beautiful building and location in the down-town core.  A place where many wonderful ministry opportunities await!

The large gathering space has been rented on a continual basis for many years, which brings in good revenue, but has stagnated the Church's ability to host activities of their own.

This year the rental contract is being re-negotiated to find a happy medium.

Grant applications have been made, along with appeals for community donations, for funding renovations to the restrooms and refurbishing of the kitchen facilities, in hopes of St. George hosting a Banff Food & Friends Dinner initiative. In March 2019 a grant was recieved from the Alberta Government for $75,200.00 which must be used in 12 months of it being received.

The Diocesan Property Committee would like to visit the site and discuss the project with us in mid August.  They do that so that we can be assured that everything is being done according to the very reasonable and practical standards of the Diocese.  Those standards help to ensure that we get the best job done and the best value for our money.

We know there is a need to allow greater community use of the Church in Banff. Please keep this issue in your prayers.