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Bells are ringing every day as part of a new ritual by Heather Jean Jordan, the music director at St. George's in the mountain town of Banff.

"The first day that we did it, people said it touched them and that they really needed that, and I was like, 'Well, I don't have any other work really, so I might as well do it every day,'" Jordan told the Calgary Eyeopener on Wednesday.

She received positive reactions from members of the community,which has been hit hard economically by COVID19. "Half the town is laid off, so it's a very quiet place, but you can hear bells throughout town and way across the river.

People say the sounds made them feel hopeful.

The set of 11 peal bells was purchased for St. George-in-the-Pines Church in 1927. The peal of bells was the first of its kind to come to Canada. They were installed in honour of those who fought in the First World War, and they came up the Panama Canal from England. Heather plays the bells similar to playing a keyboard or xylophone, controlled by a series of 11 levers. The music echoes across Banff.

Her efforts to encourage our community have been wonderfully celebrated by the CBC, and you can learn more about that in their excellent article linked here.

Thanks so much Heather, for all you do to keep our hearts uplifted!