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"While it may seem that there are a modest number of cases of COVID 19 at the moment in our province, nonetheless, it is incumbent upon us that we consider those who are frail and those who are vulnerable in our midst — the elderly, and those with various conditions that would make them more prone to serious illness, if they were to catch COVID 19. Also, it's important for us to do our part as we seek to slow the spread of, or perhaps even stop the spread of, the COVID 19 virus."

             Arch Bishop Greg Kerr Wilson, Bishop of The Anglican Diocese of Calgary and The Province of Rupertsland

Refraining from gatherings, may prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Valley Winds Choir Rehearsals, Kids Club, Meditation, Prayer Group, Food & Friends Community Dinners, Meetings and Services have all been postponed, until further notice.


The Church Office and Sanctuary remain open weekdays from 9am -1pm.

If you'd like to come for some dedicated prayer time, reflection or support, please come by.

Our well-stocked Library has plenty of books to borrow for some uplifting reading while we are all trying to find things to occupy ourselves at home.