The Character Course, is an eight-week program for spiritual growth with a psychological twist.


This course has been developed by Roger Bretherton, a psychologist working at the University of Lincoln (UK). Partnered with Rick (filmaker) and design team Intentional, they have worked together on The Character Course. 


Put simply, the Character Course brings together the most up-to-date psychology with ancient biblical wisdom. In eight sessions, it covers key themes of Christian discipleship: learning, hope, love, forgiveness, gratitude, humour, persistence and curiosity. Each session has a short video to watch, a bible passage to ponder and a practice to try out. 



What to expect
Over eight sessions you will explore:
  • Learning

  • Hope

  • Love

  • Forgiveness

  • Gratitude

  • Humour

  • Persistence

  • Curiosity