Preparing for Marriage

Like any journey of great significance, the road to your wedding day takes time. Practically speaking, you will want to plan in advance and allow 6-12 months for the following steps to unfold:

A great first step is to email us at to check if the date you are planning for is available. Once we have confirmed the date is free, you will fill out our wedding booking form. This form will be forwarded to one of our clergy who will then contact you and your fiance for a meeting via zoom.

Joining our church community for weekly worship will give you a clearer sense of whether you would like to be a part of the church family, strengthen and encourage your faith, and better equip you to live everyday life as someone learning how to follow Jesus. You can watch our services on YouTube to see if we are the right fit for you. Our experience (and expectation), is that worshipping with us regularly helps form a solid basis for the promises you will make on your Wedding day.

“Your wedding is one day – your marriage is a lifetime.” We want all couples married at St Michael's to have the strongest possible marriage. To help you achieve this goal, we ask you to participate in our Pre-Marriage Course. During this time, you will have the opportunity as a couple to discuss everything from communication, to sex, to spiritual concerns. Visit our Pre-Marriage Course page for more information and to sign up.

Many couples have found the months before their wedding to be a time of spiritual searching and growth. With this in mind, everyone being married at St Michael's participates in our faith basics Alpha Course. It is a fun and relaxed 7-week course where all questions are allowed, you can’t fail, and you can’t get kicked out! You can find out more about the course, when it’s next offered, and register, here. Please contact us at for more information.